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Dynam E Razor 450 Carbon Edition RC Helicopter

Dynam E Razor 450 3All the E-Razor 450 advantages now with a 25% less weight and much more resistent. The Dynam RC Helicopter is the ideal helicopter even for those who are getting started in this hobby as also for experienced pilots. The CNC alluminium tail rotor and the fiber glass blades, provides much more precission than other plastic and wood blades models, such as E-Sky Belt CP. Another great advantage comparin with the E-Sky’s  is the radio transmitter. It allows, amongst other things, stick sensitivity adjustment (exponential) and the tail speed response (rudder mix). We can setup a low sensitivity value for learning, and a higher value for aerobatic maneuvers. It’s a T-rex clon, so it means that there a lot of spare parts and customizable setups available. Furthermore, Helimax-europe.com spare parts, have a really competitive price compared with other brands.

Dynam E Razor 450 2“The Erazor is a good machine with few flaws. Now for my own personal believes on it. For a Ready to Fly machine it is wonderful after you set it up correctly and its cheap to maintain. It is also good for someone starting out and learning to fly. It can do light 3d with little modifications. A servo change is a must. For 3d I would recommend a new motor like a $19.00 helidrive from RCtophobby.” siad by Swat342,a member of the rc group.

Dynam E Razor 450 8

The E-RAZOR 450 Carbon Edition model electric RC helicopter is Ready toFly & is a full 3D Aerobatic CCPM Collective Pitch Helicopter with belt driven tail. The helicopter has a fully Aluminium upgraded main and tail system in a very nice Titan color. This fully upgraded version comes with Carbon frame, Carbon Tail-boom, Carbon main blade and carbon tail blade. It includes the new  GY-48V head-lock Gyro, Brushless motor, 40A ESC, 3 cell 11.1V 2200MAH 25C Li-Po Battery & Balancing Charger  with AC power adapter and a X6 6 channel transmitter. This model is well constructed and it looks great with its Air-brush  paintet Fiberglas canopy! All components are pre-installed with factory set-up and it is test flown to make sure you get a  100% Ready To Fly Helicopter.

Product Specs:

Dynam E Razor 450 1

  • 665 mm Length. 720 mm Main rotor. 135 mm Tail rotor.
  • 670 gr weight. battery included, a 25% less than normal version.
  • Simple body frame structure, desgined for easy adjustment and maintenance.

Dynam E Razor 450 4

  • 6 channels with Head Lock Gyro. 120º CCPM structure.
  • 4 x 9gr. high speed servos.
  • Fiber glass blades and canopy.

Dynam E Razor 450 7

  • New tail rotor design, easier to “Tail Lock” and with a fast and smooth movement.
  • CNC metal  front/tail rotor parts. (CNC alluminium, more precission and resistance).
  • Frame, main blades, tail boom and tail blades are fiber carbon made.
  • New GY48V high performance electronic GYRO.
  • Direct belt dirve transmission to tail rotor (more establity and silence).

Dynam E Razor 450 6

  • 2.4 Mhz interference free radio reciever.
  • 2750 Kv brushless motor.
  • The best relation quality-price on the market.
  • Perfect for users who are looking for and expert and complete equipment and also for rookies who need smoothnes and stability.
  • It’s highly recommended to acquiere a USB simulator controller if you are not an experienced pilot.

Dynam E Razor 450 5

  • Spare kits available. (T-rex clon).
  • Dynam quality, one of the world main RC producers.

Package Include:
1 x Helicopter
1 x Transmitter 6CH 2.4ghz
1 x Battery 11.1V 2200MAH li-polymer
1 x Motor Brushless 2750KV
1 x English Manual

PS:For more info. of this product or you are interested in RC Hobbies,you can go to http://www.rctophobby.com